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No matter what comes our way involving this illness, you always have to face this with your chin up. Otherwise, if you donít, this will only claim you in its grasps. I know it is hard, since I have the same worries as all of you, and do have my mental and physical symptoms. They do not claim me. They should not claim anyone else. Why you should live in such agony, when you could fight for the light. When you do that, it takes a lot of work, but once your there, there is nothing like it. Pure joy.We have so much advancement in ten years. We are a rare illness, with more hope. More possible cures. In five to ten years we sill have a cure. Never give up hope. Hope will get us through the dark times. We can win. We can rid ourselves of HD.

There is so many researches and possible cures out there, there are getting closer and closer, every day to finding something. I know they will. They will do it for all of us. There is one that was really promising a cured a mouse, 100 percent!!! In 2 weeks you half way cured, and after a month you are 100 percent cured. It will take 4-5 years to get it out.

There should always be hope in all of our hearts, in the end that is all we have. Hope of future without this disease and hope a positive outcome. With so much good coming our way, try to stop worrying, because we are all too nice of people to go through this torment, without some reward. Thatís taking joy in a hard life, and just trying to accept it, and our futures. No matter what comes in our way. We should always look forward to tomorrow. A place where we are happy and carefree. A place where we can cope easy. The only way we stand a chance is to fight this evil. We need to cleanse it from our mind and our body. It should never take that happiness and joy in our lives. If we let it do that then we have absolutely nothing. That is the fight. We have no choice in the matter. Don't let it take every part of your future and happiness.

This is the only life we have. There is not another. We have to live our life like it is all we have. Donít let HD get into your head. Take everything you have. This life is ours. Fight HD back. Take over control. This is our life. We live it, we love it. We have to learn how to love life over again. We can get in there. We can have faith in our future. One without HD. It will happen sooner than we think. We have to know everything will get better. It will. Our life should better with HD in us. We can get that strong. We are so much stronger than you know. Just having HD, that is strength already. We show strength everyday and hardly know. Now you know. We are strong. We are tough. Enough to fight HD.

Fight for the light. We are all strong. We all have the strength to be happy and hopeful. Fight with all of your soul. We need to have a healthy soul. It is what makes us have that spirt. We will never lose that fight. We can win. We can fight. Fight for all of the ope in the world.

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