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Family History Lily.

HD goes back to my Grandpa. They didnít know he was sick with anything but alcoholism. Nobody diagnosed him with anything else, or even thought anything about it. They had 4 kids together without knowing anything genetic was wrong. After Grandpa died, from HD, she remarried and they had one more kid. The four sisters all married and had kids. Totally unaware of anything until, My Mom and Aunt Tracy start exhibiting some symptoms that were like one another. They ended up going to Calgary and were tested and diagnosed. They both had it, as well as 3 kids, those futures were questionable. My brother Gary and Scott. Then my cousins Lisa, Ryan, and Leanne. My Aunt Terrill and Michelle got negative results, very lucky. We could now have it. Since I was in grade 6, I knew that it was 50/50, and that I might get it. My Mom went to school and got a Secretary certificate. She worked at the bank. Until she got sick.

My mom was in the hospital off and on for a while, and then they took her in full time. By the time when I was in grade 5. I went to visit her 2 times a week, during my lunch hours. When she was in the hospital, Dad worked a lot of time at Pan Canadian Petroleum, which is now EnCana. He worked in the oil field. He is now in charge of building Gas Plants and Refineries.He was so busy we spent much of our time at our Grandparents house. They raised us, and I also had hand with my brothers too. We were a farming family based in Rimbey Alberta. My Dadís Dad has cattle, grain, chickens, and ducks. Every time it was Valentineís Day or Motherís day I always gave Mom flowers.I gave, Mom little games, for my Mom. I thought, she was bored.Every time she freaked out, I knew it was it was not her. When someone is sick in the family, people all react differently. I understand that. It is really, really hard for some people to see someone deteriorating so much. My Dad and brothers came in there once a week though. Thatís why I tried so hard to be everything that Mom needed, still to this day I still do. She told one of her Nurses, her daughter was Mom's best friend, that I was her salvation. She also told her that she knew that Dad would take good care of us. At my wedding, I had a picture of her with flowers set up on a table. Everyone was in tears and told me she would approve of Trevor. My Dad was so ahppy to give me away. My Dad will always be Trevor and I's constant support.

When I was 16, I decided to get a work experience job at the hospital, to be closer to Mom. This started my love for nursing, which became my future. I saw her every day when I did that. Mom hated being with seniors, when she was in her, late 20's to 30ís . She tried to escape a few times. One day, when I was 17, I was visiting with my family, she was on an IV. I was shocked, I worked there and nobody had told me, not even Dad. I knew immediately that my Mom didnít have long to live. She died two weeks later. I will never forget that day ever. I was doing dishes when my Grandma called and asked me if I knew, and if my Dad told me already. Then Dad came home and told us. The good thing about being in a small town is my friends heard in school, and came. I didnít call them! I missed 2 weeks of school, 3 of 4 chapters in every class, and no one thought I would graduate missing that much, but I had something to prove. I finished in my Momís memory.

My dad tried to get a group home put in Rimbey. Rimbey my home town has the highest HD familie, per capita. We have 2000 people, 10 of them are HD families. Just not ours. Someone told my Dad about a great idea a group home in Rimbey. The town had a meeting and for all of the HD families. My Dad was the only person to go. That was horrible. I remember my Dad telling us about it. My dad thought everyone was in denial. Did not want to face HD. They could not build it.

My cousin Lisa was the first of the new generation, and she got best result out a 100 percent without the gene. When I was 19 I got tested, and got the gene in between, this time my Dad started dating a woman named Karen. She has 3 kids. Dustin, Becky, and Megan. They are still together to this day. It took a lot for me to get over the whole replacing Mom thing. Because we were so close. I changed soon as I found out the results. You just canít live with hatred, anger, and you have to make peace with people. You just donít have that much life now, why have it affected negatively. I think she is a good person for my Dad, and they make each other happy, and thats all I want for them. I think Mom would have thought the same.Then 2 weeks later Aunt Tracy died. She had gotten better care in Calgary, and she out lived my Mom. When she was going to pass away I know that they called in her family, and they saw her before she died. I was really upset. In my head I thought that this was me in 20 years. While I visit Mom at her gravesite, whenever I am there, a calm reaches over me and she tells me that everything is going to be okay.

Marrying someone brings you a new family. I am currently living in beautiful Creston BC. My husband is so nice. I never dreamt I would get married ever, I didnít think anyone would marry someone with a fatal illness. When we had our first date. I told him upfront about HD, his Mom was a nurse and he called her, they did research. He came to the descion, that he could date me. Both of our families are very supportive and kind. His Parents Terry and Alice are really nice. Alice and I have a lot in common with each other, because she too looks after her mother in her senior home that she acts as head nurse for. Her Mother Molly has Alzheimerís, which is something one of my Grandmothersí died from. I helped look after Molly tto, until she died. I also worked with them too. Terry is good too; he runs a carpet business here, where my husband currently works. His family is all nice. His Grandpa and my Grandpa had the same kind of ducks as my Grandpa. I adopted a Grandpa named Basil, he is a sweet Jesus loving Man.Trevor and I have 3 babies. A kitty named Jack, a Yorkie named Lucky and Bichon named Pretty Princess.

My brother Gary is showing signs right now,he has HD. He works on pipelines, and is sadly often fired because he is so shaky.He Now Works at a Horse Auctin, with family friends.They will, never get rid of him. My Brother Scotto is at the age, when we all got it and is healthy. He wants to take his Finical Planner Degree Now. My Scotto Granduated With A Finicial Planner Degree And Works For Royal Bank, I Raised That Little Guy, He Does Not Have HD

My cousin Leeanne is experiencing HD. She is Gary's age. 23 right now. I think she was showing signs when she was 21 also. My cousin Ryan got negitive for Christmas. It is good he has one baby and one more on the way.

My Brother Scott is healthy. That is my little boy. I raised him. He had learning difficulties and at age 6, I tied his shoes. He always wanted, to be smart, like me. In grade 7, he won the Most Impproved. He graduated, with 2 scholarships. Computers and Football. He already, has been two years and wants two more. He was a Running Back. He got 1000 Rushes, More NFL players. I was a QB. Scoot, was a bit like me, he could direct, the plays.

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