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I am Heather Dugdale. I am 29 years old. I live in beautiful Creston, British Columbia, Canada. I am, married and have Huntington's chorea, a genetic disease.I have been showing signs since I was 23. I will back track through my life now, for everyone there to get to know me. My mother and her family had no IDEA that HD was in their family. She started showing signs after all of us were born, by that time me and my bros, Scotto (23) and Gary (27) currently. Gary has HD. My cousin Leeanne has HD too. She is symtomatic. She is sadly the same age as Gary. He has been showing signs since he was 21. They are taking, things badly. Leeanne, has cut, herself from, family. Gary is always depressed. I will, find new treatments, for him. He does not care about them, Gary, was in Denial, for years, until, Dad, pushed, him to get his test done them. We both got diangiosed, at Christmas 3 years ago. I was, 24 and Gary was,22 years old. I warned my family, to prepare, for it. My cousin just got neg test result, which is good. He has two babies. My Grandpa's worst fear was to have HD grandkids. Trevor and I are the only ones who listened. He wanted us tested before we got married. We will never bring an HD baby into the world. My Mom started showing as soon as my last brother was born. When she was mid 26. My Mom was in the hospital when I was in Grade 5.She got sick, when she was 20. We know think she was 20, when she got sick. By Grade 6,I knew I was at-risk. With talking to my Support Group,, we think we are now Juveniles.

I am entering Stage 2. I am now back with Home Care. I am healthy now, I was over medicated and it made me sick. I was wheelchsir bound.

Meanwhile her sister Tracy, was having the same symptoms, and she also had three kids. See my family is one of the rare cases where HD strikes early. It was devastating to see them like that. When I was 16 I got work experience looking after mom and other patients, just to see her every day I could. I loved my Mom very much, and there will always be a special place in my heart for her. Even at my wedding I had a picture of her at a table. It broke my heart, but I knew deep down inside that I did all I could to make her life better. She passed away at an age when most people that get Huntingtons first begin to to show signs.She was forty years old and I was only seventeen.

Not only was I looking after my Brothers too, with my Grandparents. At 19 I wanted to be part of the WWE, and got accepted to two wrestling schools. UPW in Florida and Stampede in Calgary. That's when I decided to go to testing. If I had it I would go to school and if I didn't, I would fulfill my dream.

The night before I had dreamt about my Mom telling me that I had it. I cried all night. The next morning I did find out I had it, and it just wasn't a big deal for me, because I knew that instant that I would be cured. Thatís when they told me I was the most positive person they have ever seen get results.

Right after that was a month of despair when my Aunt died from the very thing that I found out I had.I also had my Gandma die of Lung Cancer. That's when I started writing 2 positive poems for the Horizon Magazine in Southern Alberta. They wanted me to read them at an HD conference in Calgary. I had no ride.I have been dancing all of my life. After I found out I decided to go dance out my problems and skateboarding. No drugs or alcohol like other people take care of their problems. If you have HD, it brings it on faster. More damage.I was the best dancer in Calgary. My Social Worker thought it was funny. I will be dancing all of my life. Everyone thought I was a professional dancer. I did not want to be one because I am a feminist. I respect myself too much too. I was filmed once dancing too at a club. I would go there every night with my bottle of water, just dance. With my best friend Miranda. We used to do routines at clubs. She helped raise awareness about HD with me. We had an art auction. Sold my graphics.I know every dance. I don't even have to know it. I have never been taught either. They are the best dancers. Every different club's music would make me dance another style.

I also thought about school. I wanted to become a Nurse that had the most patient care. I went to ABES2000, and got a Personal Care Assistant Degree(Long Term Care Aide) and my Practicum involved a Group Home, Senior's Home, and a Daycare. It was fun, I loved all my patients. They started to call me their angel. In the group home I worked with kids that have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. One of them had Autism. They were the sweetest kids ever. They loved it when I sang for them. I graduated top of my class.I worked in an Alzheimerís ward, in a nice seniorís home. When my praticum was over, I want to see my kids. Specialized in Deimita ward. I worked 3 of them. MY Grandmother had Alzheimerís disease. I wanted to help, she was my 2 Mother. My Dad thought I was, happy, where I was. My strongest point was, calming, people, from sun downing. Trevorís Grandma had it. Alice, got me to her Mothers company. She actually new me, she called me her Special Friend. She, new that something was wrong, when, I dyed my hair Blonde. I wanted, to work, with them. Their, families, would just thow, them away. I always, want,help, the less fortionate. My Trevor is also a Care Aide too, he did it to keep me at home as long as possible. H works in two different Senior homes. He also looks after my SO Friends at CDSL.

I also got 1 semester at SAIT(Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology) in Digital Graphics Communications(Graphic and Web Design). That is when I started showing my mental symptoms. Then came the Government movie I made about suicide. I wrote, acted, and did costume and Hair Design. Dedicated to my friend that killed himself. Don't ever think about hurting yourself. Life is worth it. Call someone. You will always leave a viod in your families life. They show it in some schools. I won an award for that movie.

My Husband went to SAIT too. He is Certified

Trevor is going to be a Home Care Aide. He wants to learn how to look after me. He also, wants too keep me out of a home. He is doing volunteer at the Dementia ward, he wants to work there. He chose it, no one wants to volunteer there. They all know Alice, Trevor's Mom and Dad. He also knows how to build, and troubleshoot computers. He made me a computer. He has started a computer business. He also wants to become a Care Aide, like I was. He will start in January. After that he wants to become an LPN. He wants to learn how to look after me better. After dating my husband for 6 months, I started showing mental symptoms. He married me any way.We speed up the wedding.

In grade 6 I won a huge contest to design the Rimbey Elementary School logo.I won out of 400 students. They still use it today.

I volunteered at the Distress center in Calgary. It was the crisis line of all Calgary. I volunteered on the Gay /Lesbian /Transsexual /Transgender Line. I was in training that took a month. They were talking about this line. It touched me the most out of all of it. I love them. Trevor and I went to the gay bar every Saturday. We did that for years. All my friends are Gay or Lesbians. I have some transsexual friends too. I chose to help the people that needed help the most. With everything they have been through they needed my help. Every day for a person like that is never ever easy. It is something they never chose to be. I switched over there right away. Before we moved I was going to volunteer at the Pride Center in Calgary as a Bi Sexual Counselor. They could not find one and found me at the gay line.

Trevor and I also volunteered at the Calgary HD Chapter. We helped put with a garage sale for HD. We raised a lot of money for them. Whenever anyone there asked about HD. I told I have it. They were another sweet volunteer that had it too. We both symptomatic.My best friend and I Miranda, Held an art auction for people who have HD. She helped with every rally went together too. I sold my art there. Some of my graphics. Miranda got me volunteering at a local homeless shelter. We have done all of our humane work together.

If I did not have HD another thing I wanted to be was a Politian. I was politically active since birth. We have foster kids in our family with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. My Aunt and Uncle have them. They had to adopt one, Shelby. They wanted to send her home, her Mom was not ready.They have two more little miracles they adopted. They had them when I was 13. They told me that any Mom can throw a baby and face jail time. For any Mom that poisons their child. They get nothing. No charges at all. They basically ruin their lives. At 13 I made a petition to change that. I passed it all over Rimbey. It did not go well. I was so young.

I started an environmental rights group in my school in Grade 6. We walked and picked up garbage. When I moved to Calgary. Thatís when I stated going to protests. The first one I went to was anti child labor. I went to an anti war rallyís. Take back the night. It is a feminist rally. I worked tireless for Gay Marriage. I emailed every MP. They wanted me to become a board member of EGALE. The National Gay Rights Orginataion of Canada. It involved a move to Toronto. Trevor and I did not want to move.I was with Trevor when we got their rights I was so happy. Ask Trevor he was there. I was jumping around. We did it! We saved the gays! Then when Harper took over and wanted to reevaluate this. I was mortified. We had to do it again. This was scary there was 10000 Church groups that were going to storm Ottawa. That time we had more MPís than the other vote. Victory. I am on their side. We all need basic rights. They needed basic rights too. That is what I believe; it hurts me to see people mistreated. Disabled, children, gays, mentally ill, and elderly.My friends came out with a plan to make a gay youth safehouse. It was going to be made in Calgary. I helped them make flyers. I thought it was an excellent idea. The gays get kicked out and have to leave. Where do they go? Sadly the founder died. We are trying to carry on without him. Where are they going to go?

I will tell you have how I tried to help HD and all illnesses. This was another instance Harper being cruel. He wanted to get rid of stem cells for all of us for 3 years. I got so upset. I put a sign in my yard. It said the Conservatives are killing millions. Ask me how. Tons of people were interested. I then made a shirt. It said the PCís are killing me. I walked around with that on. Then came voting time. I was in the same district as Harper, Shawnessy. This was not planned I showed up to vote with my shirt, ten in the morning. Guess who else was there. Harper. You should of seen his face. It was total shock on everyoneís face. No one said I word. Priceless. When he got elected I seriously wanted to move. I met a girl Elyssia here. She wants to be a Politian. I told her to fulfill my dream. We were thinking of starting a Gay Rights and Stem Cell Party. What do you think Harper would do?

There is a religion in China that has horrible treatment in their country. China is scared because this group has more members then the communist party. They said this group of sweet peace loving people Falun Gong, they are a cult. It is an offshoot of Buddhism. They go around torturing members of this group. If they found any members they would be persecuted. They made it illegal to practice. They will get tortured and killed in that system. I was on the c train in Calgary when I ran into one of the Falon Gong ladies. They had flyers to free the other members in China. They did not speak good English. I ran into her and said I know your cause. I know the evil government. I said it in a way they could understand. I said I will pass out flyers to the English people. I did that all day for them. Most of the people were English speaking so I helped them spread their word. They loved me for helping them out. I got the message out. They stories were horrifying.

I went to take back the night in Calgary. It is a feminist rally. I went there twice. We needed that there. I always had to walk with pepperspray around Calgary. They went down one of the streets where we had the most problems. There were men there swearing at us.

Remember Terry Schiavo? He husband killed her and stopped her treatments. She could have got better. I made candle light vigil in Calgary. I was so upset that her husband killed her. I thought the rights should have gone to her parents. He said that she had no life. She did. I am pro life if you are sick. I made an order where I can be recesitatded.

We now have a baby boyÖNo he is our dog, Lucky. He is a Yorkie Terror. My husband bought him for me as a Christmas present. We werenít allowed pets here. Trevor had to write the landlords a nice letter on how sick I was, and how it would be or kid. The rest is history. We adopted a stray cat called Jake and I also doggie sit a Pretty Princess.

y, February 25, 2010 Working With God

Because Polly, loved,me, she looked all over, for a place, suited, for me. It was one off Trevor's old Church. We do, give, meals for poor kids and My SO and disabled kids. Sometimes, we need, the food bank. And have, been getting Christmas donations. That, money, made us have, an actual Christmas We got 500 dollars from the HD Society. It, hurts me, kids going, through, this. They don't deserve this. They deserve better. Our God, love, are saving these kids. Everyone is super nice. They have a nice Church there. There is one of Worker's, has a family, that has HD here They said, that they accept all, disabled people. My first day and I have people, praying for me. In there, they hug and a a pray. Church. I love working with god. I love my friends.

I have got into the Cancer cause here. My favourite Nurse Shriley's family suffer's from Breast Cancer. My Grandma and little Kaiden both died from cancer. I am doing Relay For Life this summer. I am going to get a couple of candles for the vigile. I clocked in 4 and a half hours and 25 laps. At one point we thought this might run in our family, like HD. Little Kaiden died of Leukimia. He got sick when he got 3 and a half. He died at age 7. My Grandma died of Lung Cancer. My Grandpa Budd, who lost his wife to Cancer, had his Brother died of Cancer, aroud Christmas.

I have joined the British Columbia Special Olympics. I am loving doing it. It is fun. Get out and join me. They are adding Floor Hockey, Boccice, and Teeball. I am doing tee ball until June, then Swimming starts. It is now fall. I am going Bowling, Rythmic Gymnastics, and Floor Hockey. My bowling team one first plce, last year in a bowling tournament.

I was a Vegitarain for five years. I did not like eating animals. Now Trevor is a meat eater. I am now a semi-veg. It is easier for our dinners. Majority of my meals are still without meat. Now, Trevor does not mind if I am full veggie. He is supporting me. He sure loves his meat! I got sick of eating animals.

I also help out with WEAREHD.ORG. They approached me. I believe in what they are doing on there. I could not say no. It is an online support group. I am the Site Leader rght now. Check it and make friends.

I am helping out the Creston New Democrats Party(NDP). They are a social helping party. They want to end poverty, fix our health system, helping the disablied and other worth while causes.

Volunteering, at the New Age Chrurch. There, are, easily, around, 10 families in there. We, have Church, as a support Group. Ever, Friday at Lunch, time I eat with SOO friends we, give, out meals, to hungry, people. It is so rewarding, for us to do that. I also sing Praise and Worship now and Trevor plays guitar. We also do Bible Study on Tuesday nights.

I spoke at an Atlanta Convention, for The faithandhope foundation. I talked about JHD and gave people hope. I also spoke to a School about JHD too.


do Theripudite Horse Riding. I have a horse named Inga. I Am Going To Be On TV, Doing A Horse Demo, With My Inga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I teach Sunday School.Volunteer In a Daycare.

I won a National Vancouver Award, called Courage to Come Back Award. It, is for people who are struggling and still, helping people.

I Got Honored by The Canadian Cancer Society for doing The Most Laps for relay For Life.

I made an Anti-Suicide Movie for the Canadian Government. I wrote the script, acted and did Costume and Make Up Design. I lost a friend to suicide, he was Bipolar and it is decaled in his memerory.

My Daddy Won An Award , And Is Giving The Money To PAWS, Where I Used To Volunteer At!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Trevor's Grandpa gave us the loan. We bought our Barbie Dream Home, 2 Months ago. It is a huge Trailer, with a fireplace, fire pit, a Plum Tree and a Magnolia Tree. Trevor made me a Girl Room. He put in a pink closet, an armoire, to do my hair and makeup. He made my Room a Girl Room. We have 2 bedrooms. It is good when, my family comes down. We also have big garden.

I used to work in a Kiddy Funhouse, called Lets Play, in Calgary. I gave Disney Birthday Parts, to Kids there and got the most tips.

I worked with three Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Girls and an Autistic Boy, in a group home. My Auntie Karen and Uncle Keith have adopted a whole family of FAS kids. They wanted, to send them back to thier acohlolic parents, so they adopted them. They adopted adorable twins that no one wanted. They got Little Dalton, would bee tube fed, but thank God, did not. My Dancing buddy Shelby, was the hardest to adopt. One of two girls, I looked after, had her tube ripped out 4 times, by dumb Nurses. One more, would kill her.

Wedding Picture